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Transform Your Life By

Using The Four Proven

Pillars of Performance!

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Do you want to be ELITE in everything you do?

Imagine if you could wake up each morning knowing that if you followed a straightforward process you would be guaranteed to have a more productive and well-rounded day.

It’s as simple as implementing the first three strategies consisting of 1) how to implement your daily 10-minute plan, 2) how to evaluate and recalibrate your daily mindset, and 3) how to take your 5-minute nightly pulse—adopt this process and you will see success.

Download my free guide called 3 Daily Tools to Guide You in Transforming Your Life, including the daily check-in worksheets to learn how to start down the path of becoming elite—one day at a time.

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Companion Workbook

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This companion workbook will hold you accountable, and allow you to take the actions from the book and implement into your business using the 12 Step Proven Process.


Online Mini-Course

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“How to Become Elite” mini-course will give you a toolbox of resources to help transform all aspects of life through quick videos, action items and encouragement.


Masterclass Training

Value $297

Dive into the book with Erik LIVE! We will discuss ways to DRASTICALLY make a shift through the daily decisions you make. One day at a time.




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About The Book

A Transformational,

Four-Pillar Plan for anyone

to become elite!

Can You Become ELITE?
This book will show you how:

Are you searching for an answer to improve your mindset to get the most out of each day and before you know it, get you to the top of your game? 

In his first book, Erik Westrum shows you how to do just that! Becoming Elite focuses on the Four Proven Pillars of Performance:

Pillar 1: The Psychological Shift – Transformation begins with your mind. Are you currently in a fixed or growth mindset?

Pillar 2: The Physical Shift – Physical activity is key to performance and productivity. How active are you right now? 

Pillar 3: The Spiritual Shift– Knowing who you are and being at peace. What are your beliefs and values?

Pillar 4: The Emotional Shift – Being intentional in how you show up. Are you choosing to live intentionally?

Following this proven process of shifting within the four pillars of performance has helped Erik become elite in hockey, business, and life. It involves action and change.

Elite is defined as superior in terms of ability or qualities compared to the rest of the group or society. It’s not something that is given to you; it is something that is earned. 

Anyone has the potential to be elite in life. But in order to do so, you need to take control of your life and make the small changes every day to make the shift within your own journey to becoming your own version of elite.

Using inspiring, practical, and real-world stories of successes and failures, Erik Westrum teaches you how to be accountable and disciplined while bridging the way from yesterday to a better today and into a consistent tomorrow.

Imagine if you could wake up each morning knowing that if you followed a proven process you would be guaranteed to have a more productive and well-rounded day. Not just for today, but tomorrow as well.

Each individual journey is not defined by your past, but more so a continuation of putting in the work daily, taking inventory of your life where it currently stands, and executing a plan in becoming elite.

Some people feel like they have mountains to move to start making the shift towards becoming elite, but don’t let that keep you from changing your life one small step at a time, no matter where you are in life today.

What's in the book?

You are now standing at a crossroads, and you can either go to the LEFT and continue down the road you’re currently on, OR you can go to the RIGHT and read this book, then change, solve, and implement the solution.

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12 Step Proven Process Companion Workbook (Value $97)

“How to Become Elite” Online Mini-Course (Value $47)

Masterclass: How to DRASTICALLY Shift Your Life Through the Daily Decisions You Make (Value $297)

Total Package Value: Over $400 FREE!

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About The Author

Erik Westrum

Erik Westrum is a former professional hockey player, author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, and entrepreneur at heart. 

He has had a passion to help others since he was a young child, and this has not changed as he continues to fulfill his purpose in life—to be a Servant Leader. 

During his hockey playing years, he faced daily challenges to make it to the top. By implementing the tools and strategies discussed in his book, he was able to consistently perform at the top of his game. After retiring from hockey and trying to figure out the next step in life, Erik struggled with finding out what success looked like being off the ice. He shortly realized the steps and tools he used as a high-performing athlete could transfer to many other areas of life. And once again, his life changed dramatically.

After coaching hundreds of people over the past 22 years, Erik has helped people break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back. Through this process he has established the principles and processes of Becoming Elite and what it takes to transform your life using 4 proven pillars of performance. Life’s too short to not try and become elite.

This book will help you learn how to make simple adjustments to your day and with consistency, over time you will develop better habits to get you to the top of your game—becoming elite!

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Erik has trained teams, consulted with entrepreneurs and coached multiple sports teams. He knows how to meet you where you are and help you up your game.

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